GG for Windows 10


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Messenger Messenger (AIM) will appeal to both supporters releases older applications and higher, allowing for any diversification. Starting from this version of Communicator breaks with numbers. His name is simply GG. The latest version brings major changes in the history of the development application. Regardless of the advanced technology, GG returned in appearance as promised to its legendary ease of use, and care for the user - the new communicator can be set both modest, minimalist look, as well as one-click to extend it for another tab, functions, avatars and descriptions. There are legendary emoticons (smileys), status of availability and the ability to change color applications - from subdued by the iconic look of an older version of Messenger 6.1 on the pink theme. Among the many practical new platform Messenger is an archive of on-line conversations and file transfers. You always have access to their history, regardless of whether the currently used version of AIM on your computer, browser, or in the cell. On-line archive is an excellent way to quickly reach the contact, or are looking for a movie, link, photo, we shared with friends. High comfort and innovation in the Government's wszechdostępność - text conversation with a friend started on a computer, it can be easily continued at any time in the mobile version of AIM in the cell, or even a version of the browser. The same applies to the continuation of the game with a friend, such as checkers - a game can be run from anywhere, simply log in with your ICQ number to make his move. Thus leaving the house, we are not forced to "go with the GG" - a conversation or a game by GG continues in the cell or on another computer. Conversations on AIM can diversify listening to music - you have to choose the one clicking more than 100 radio stations, both popular Polish FM stations. Selected news in HH: archive on-line chat and file transfers, integrating the installed version, browser and mobile, easy to adjust to the user's Messenger, inviting contacts and a new philosophy of privacy in Messenger, more security, audio-video calls over the web, upload the files over the web. IMPORTANT INFORMATION To get started with a comfortable platform GG should be called once. migration - make up your own data. This will be the first time you log into the new site or application GG. Full details are needed for future reference password recovery, as well as the appropriate profile the services already widely used model of the Internet, the manufacturer also requires security, provide a new, strong passwords for ICQ number and accept the rules. To take full advantage of the new platform, you must connect with your friends already between numbers GG "migrated" and the new version (in the case of the PC version). New GG update automatically. The user will always use the latest, most secure version.